Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Design Me A Party Please

Princess Theme

Are you throwing a Princess Party and need some ideas. I have searched and found a few great ideas to complete your party.

Princess Party Pointers
• Ask guests to wear their fanciest dresses, then provide a box filled with extra dress-up items and costume jewelry for everyone to accessorize with.
• For a magical touch, decorate with a string of white Christmas lights.
• Use pink ribbon and a soft pillow to transform a seat at the party table into a throne for the birthday girl.

-Sifting for Gems
Get a shoe box filled with clean sand or white cornmeal and a few plastic rhinestones (sold in most craft stores) to bury in it.

Have the princesses take turns until each one has 2 gems.

You can make pendants by hot-gluing a paper clip between each pair of gems (adults only) and stringing silvery elastic cord through one of the clip's looped ends.

-Kiss the Frog
What you need:
Green poster board
Red or pink poster board
White paper
Felt-tip pen

To set up the game, draw a big frog on green poster board. It's easier than you think: just make a big oval head with eyes at the top and an hourglass-shaped body with pointy webbed feet at the bottom.

Cut out the frog shape. Then cut out 2 large, white paper eyeballs and glue them in place. Draw on pupils, a mouth, and nostrils.

From red or pink poster board, cut out a pair of lips for each princess and apply a small ball of poster tack (sold at most office supply stores) to the back.

During the game, have each child shut her eyes tight, then point her in the right direction to try to pin her smooch on Mr. Frog. Continue taking turns until everyone succeeds.

A Royal Menu
Serve dainty cracker-and-cream-cheese sandwiches, pink lemonade poured into pretty punch glasses

Candy rings, stickers, plastic wands, tiaras, hair clips

Here's my take on a Princess Enchanted Castle